Why our Dog Life Jackets are Paws Down the Best

Rainbow Fish Doggo'Float

Why our dog Life Jackets are Paws Down the Best All good doggy life jackets start on a base of excellent design, style, functionality, safety, and comfort. However, the best life jackets for dogs go a little further. They earn their title when passion and compassion enter the picture – and that’s something we have […]

Teach Your Dog to Swim Confidently & Safely: A Guide

Teach your dog to swim

Not all dogs are natural-born swimmers, and that’s okay – we’re here to help.

First of all, if your pooch hasn’t taken to the water quite yet, don’t panic. Just like us, some love it – some don’t. And much like us again, they can learn regardless of what category they fall into. They even pull ahead of humans when it comes to learning pace.

So, today, we’re going to take them by the paw, and get down to dog training 101.